Medical Tourism Destinations – Places That Top the Charts

Medical tourism is a popular trend among people in the US nowadays. Many Americans are moving abroad to get treated for various diseases and ailments. They are opting to get treated in healthcare facilities in Asia, Europe, South America, Latin America, and Africa instead of approaching their local hospitals. This is being noted as a cause of concern by the management of many healthcare facilities in the US.

Many countries outside the US have become popular destinations for medical tourism in recent years. The healthcare facilities in these countries are being hailed as some of the best in the world. The most popular destinations for medical tourism include the following:

1. India – In the recent years, the world has witnessed the emergence of India as one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism in Asia. The popular hospitals in India, especially those in the southern region of the country boast of world-class healthcare for foreigners at a fraction of the price that they would have to pay in their own countries.

2. China – This mystical country is now one of the most popular destinations because of its stellar healthcare facilities and its plethora of alternative medicines. The alternative, chemical-free treatment procedures are known to make a patient feel completely rejuvenated.

3. Singapore – A number of hospitals in Singapore have been awarded JCI accreditation, signifying that the healthcare facilities provided by these hospitals rank among the best in the world. Singapore is currently experiencing a boom in medical tourism as more and more patients are flocking to the country for high-quality, affordable healthcare.

4. Brazil – Originally a popular destination known for its low-cost cosmetic surgeries, this country located in South America is now a popular destination for medical tourism. The hospitals and health centers in Brazil are now equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and provide superior healthcare to patients at a fraction of the price.

5. Mexico – The country has always been famous for its advanced healthcare facilities in the fields of dentistry and plastic surgery. But, in recent years, Mexico has emerged as one of the forerunners in the field of medical tourism.

6. Panama – The country is no longer famous just for the Canal. Panama is now a highly preferred location for medical tourism. People not just from the USA, but also from Europe, visit Panama every year to avail the superb healthcare that the hospitals in the country are known for.

These destinations rank among the most popular ones in the world for medical tourism. Together, these countries are expected to draw in millions of US dollars worth of revenue in the coming years, all thanks to the thriving medical tourism industry in these countries.


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